Center for Organizational Excellence

The Center for Organizational Excellence (CORE) is a self-supporting research center, set up and run in a close collaboration between the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland and the University of Geneva, Switzerland. The center is based in St. Gallen.

It analyzes questions of good leadership and organizational structuring as the main requirements for sustainable corporate growth and performance. Its current research centers around three fields, namely sustainable corporate growth, effective corporate structures, and preventing corporate crisis.
Furthermore, the CORE develops innovative leadership and organizational concepts, which are backed by the latest findings in management science. The research is conducted in close collaboration with its corporate partners and thus provides a platform for the mutual knowledge sharing between management science and practice.

Also, the CORE supports the participating corporate partners as an independent and competent partner. It provides analyses and recommendations for long-term corporate success.
Learn more about the objectives and find out about its corporate partners. Or even meet the advisory board as well as the research team of the project.

More information is available on the website of the CORE.