Bachelor Thesis

1. You have successfully passed the courses "Structure, processus et changements organisationnels", "Résoudre des problèmes d'organisation", "Politique d'entreprise" and have an average grade of 5.0.
2. Choose a topic related to our research domains. Please see here
3. Formulate and submit a formal thesis proposal to the research assistant with the following content:
(a) title
(b) a detailed description of the organizational problem or phenomena you aim to investigate (e.g., "impact of organizational culture on change management projects") and your precise research question (i.e. sentence with a question mark)
(c) an overview of how you plan to approach your research question and your intended contributions
(d) a table of content of your thesis
(e) a short bibliography (books, articles, papers, and other sources)
4. If your proposal is approved, you are officially accepted to write your thesis at our institute!

Formal Requirements of a Bachelor Thesis:
A bachelor thesis aims at analyzing, synthesizing, arguing, supporting or criticizing in depth existing arguments about a selected issue. Thus, a bachelor thesis contains a minimum of 35 written pages and should not exceed 50 pages (+annexes) (1.5 spaced, style Times New Roman, Size 12).
-Executive Summary
-Introduction & Research Question
-Literature Review
-Discussion Practical and Theoretical Contributions
-List of References
For more information, please read carefully the HEC Bachelor Thesis Guidelines.
Please note that it is mandatory to quote an authoritative source for your statement whenever you extract information from the literature!
Please check the formal conditions of the quotations with your assistants. Citations are very useful. However, making use of arguments or quotes without proper citation will be interpreted as plagiarism. Citation must be indicated for any facts, claims and quotes given in your paper.