The organization SKU (Schweizer Kurse für Unternehmensführung) was founded in 1953 by the heads of three Swiss institutes with a great academic reputation: the Institute of Management of the University of St. Gall HSG, the Swiss Foundation for Applied Psychology SSAP, and the Center for Enterprise Science (formerly BWI) of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich ETH.The SKU is a recognized non-profit association. Its organizational structure consists of the Association (Verein SKU), a Supervisory Board (Vorstand) and the executive and program management. The SKU concentrates on developing the general management skills of senior executives.

Overall, the SKU provides a basic refresher on present-day management learning and practice communicated by leading members of both the academic and business communities. The SKU systematically enables peer learning, drawing upon the extensive cross-cultural and cross-sectoral experience of all program participants via topic-focused group discussion.

Furthermore, the SKU provides a framework for learning from best practice and a tool for project work in integrated strategic management. The participants develop a strategic plan for their own individual business practice that is ready for implementation by program end.

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