This 13th edition of the ARSP includes a contribution from Dr Moira Faul: "SDG17: The Partnership Goal?" (p.20)

"Partnerships are everywhere, catching not only the interest of practi- tioners, but equally awakening the curiosity of researchers. Many disciplines, including management, political science, economics, organisation studies, development studies, and environmental studies are increasingly scrutinizing, analysing and theorising on CSPs. Just recently, a series of special issues of academic top journals has drawn attention to the challenges and opportunities of cross-sector collaboration.

More partnerships in practice and in theory have created a diverse community of partnership experts and interested parties worldwide. But also a highly dispersed community in terms of geographies, sectors, disciplines and cultures. It has always been the aim of the editorial team at the Annual Review of Social Partnerships to bring this community together for shared learning, reflection and – ultimately – impacts in terms of improved partnership processes and outcomes. But what is the best way of doing this, of actually achieving our aims?"